Tyler & Company’s first line of recruitment begins with our highly specialized consultants. These networkers and collaborators are often the first voice a potential candidate hears from regarding a particular search. Consultants source, recruit, initially screen candidates; then, help them navigate the entire search process.

At the beginning of each assignment, Consultants familiarize themselves with the client organization, the opportunity/position and candidate requirements. Their arsenal consists of research, traditional networking, social networking, a proprietary Tyler & Company healthcare executive profile database, as well as advertising and other promotional tactics.

Hallie T. Banker, MHA, MBA

Senior Consultant

Amy Rose, MLIS

Senior Consultant

Kristen E. Sumner, MBA

Senior Consultant and Director of Human Resources

Charlotte C. Tinsley

Senior Consultant

Sherry C. Vining

Senior Consultant

Cynthia F. Seeba