Nurse Executive

Nurse Executive


Tyler & Company’s success in recruiting nurse executives is built on the premise that our clients rely on our knowledge and expertise to help them navigate the ever-changing healthcare environment. This practice prioritizes the importance of finding nurse leaders who can help you deliver exemplary, innovative care that leads to enhanced organizational outcomes.

There are many uncertainties related to healthcare reform, but one direction is clear: Healthcare is moving from hospital-centric to patient-centric, embracing a more robust primary care model that minimizes the need for expensive tertiary care. For hospitals and systems eager to make smart decisions and adapt to change, nurse executives are a standout resource. Roles are quickly emerging for senior clinical and nurse executives to serve as leaders across multiple hospitals (often a system), overseeing a continuum of care.

Nurse Executive Competencies

As the market shifts, these new roles must combine conventional competencies with those that are quickly evolving alongside value-based care. Today’s clinical executives must embrace change-management, work across teams, build relationships with partners outside the community and have a solid understanding of integrated delivery models.

At Tyler & Company, we partner with our clients to recruit and bring forward only the strongest candidates for senior clinical and nurse executive positions. As a result, we’ve successfully placed leaders who are improving standards of care and quality measures— reducing inefficiencies, driving down costs, and expanding clinical innovation across their organizations.

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