Career Best Practices, as told by the Tyler team part 3

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Career Best Practices, as told by the Tyler team part 3

We asked our team to share their best career advice. This week, we hear from Erika Hansen, marketing associate at Tyler & Company’s Atlanta office. Stay tuned for more of the bi-weekly series, “Career Best Practices, as told by the Tyler team.”

Q: “In all that you’ve learned and experienced throughout your career, what advice would you recommend to someone trying to achieve a successful and fulfilling career?”

A: “Stay organized and always follow-up with coworkers, vendors and clients.”

Being organized is a key to success that is often overlooked. Organization means something different to everyone, but it is important to find what works best for you to help you achieve your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whether you are a list person or a calendar person, make sure you use consistent methods to help you remember deadlines, prioritize your projects and allot specific time frames for different tasks. There are numerous online project management tools and customized planners that are worth considering.

Maintaining the connections you make is a crucial factor for success. Networking isn’t limited to meeting people at corporate events or keeping up with colleagues. Always (and frequently) keep in touch with clients you’ve had the opportunity to serve and even vendors who have served you to help make your business operations run smoothly. This keeps your name and your company top of mind and can drive repeat business, snag you some deals with merchants and build beneficial relationships that lead to future success. Keep track of who you meet and communicate with, and make sure to keep in touch.