Career Best Practices, as Told by the Tyler team part 4

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Career Best Practices, as Told by the Tyler team part 4
We asked our team to share their best career advice. This week, we hear from Amy Rose, Senior Consultant at Tyler & Company’s Philadelphia office. Stay tuned for more of the bi-weekly series, “Career Best Practices, as told by the Tyler team.”
Q: “In all that you’ve learned and experienced throughout your career, what advice would you recommend to someone trying to achieve a successful and fulfilling career?”
A: “Be curious, persistent and tenacious. I have always used my naturally high level of curiosity to seek the next layer of information. This may not lead you down a linear pathway, but may provide an unintended next step which is even more on-target or desirable.”
Like Amy implies, don’t just settle. There is always room for more – more knowledge, more skills, more interests – things you would never imagine possible unless you think outside the box and expand your horizons. There is no such thing as overstepping your boundaries. If you have a goal in mind, make it stick. Don’t dream of the day you’ll achieve it or merely chalk it off as something that won’t happen. If you want something, you are capable of pushing yourself to achieve it. The sky is the limit so there is no reason to stay planted on the ground or settle for what’s comfortable.