Best Career Advice, as told by recruiting professionals.

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Best Career Advice, as told by recruiting professionals.

We asked our team of Recruiting Firm professionals to share their best career advice.

Q: “In all that you’ve learned and experienced throughout your career, what advice would you recommend to someone trying to achieve a successful and fulfilling career?”

Garrett Amendola, research associate at Tyler & Company’s Atlanta office. 

A: “Make yourself invaluable and exercise humility.”
It’s necessary to do your job, but the person most valued is the one who does more than what’s expected. Go above and beyond to complete tasks and help with things that aren’t necessarily on your to-do list for the week. do good unto others, lend a helping hand and always be humble in doing so. Doing these things can go a long way in the workforce and say a lot about your character.

Brittany Bowes, operations coordinator at Tyler & Company’s Atlanta office. 

A: “There are a few staples to achieving a fulfilling career.”

  1. “Always wear a smile on your face and lend a helping hand whenever possible.”
  2. “Show initiative and expand your horizons; don’t just stick to your realm or department.”
  3. “Explore opportunities that allow you to express different talents and use various parts of your brain.”

Amy Rose, Senior Consultant at Tyler & Company’s Philadelphia office.

A: “Be curious, persistent and tenacious. I have always used my naturally high level of curiosity to seek the next layer of information. This may not lead you down a linear pathway, but may provide an unintended next step which is even more on-target or desirable.”

Like Amy implies, don’t just settle. There is always room for more – more knowledge, more skills, more interests – things you would never imagine possible unless you think outside the box and expand your horizons. There is no such thing as overstepping your boundaries. If you have a goal in mind, make it stick. Don’t dream of the day you’ll achieve it or merely chalk it off as something that won’t happen. If you want something, you are capable of pushing yourself to achieve it. The sky is the limit so there is no reason to stay planted on the ground or settle for what’s comfortable.

Kay Sedberry, Quality Assurance Specialist at Tyler & Company’s Atlanta office.

A: “Look around for what is not getting done and do it. When someone leaves, ask for more responsibility. This shows your initiative and your worth to the company.”

Be proactive. Show that you are thinking ahead, thinking of others and keeping the goals of the company in mind. This behavior shows you are selfless and mindful of the well-being of the business and your colleagues. It proves you can handle a full workload and balance a busy schedule. Frequently check in with your co-workers and ask them what is in their pipeline; it is always good to keep current with the workflow in the company and it gives you an opportunity to gauge what you can assist with. If you have the capacity, ask your colleagues if there is anything you can do to help. The benefits are three-fold: you are relieving responsibility from overbooked coworkers, helping workflow run smoothly, and learning new things outside your realm. Make sure to follow through with these actions, especially when the company is experiencing hardships – turnover, financial instability, client dispute, etc.

Marge LaRue, Administrative Assistant at Tyler & Company’s Philadelphia office

A: “Share what you know. Sharing is empowering. Our collective knowledge of the firm, the mission, the roles we fill, makes us better as a team and as a company.”

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’…seems like a corporate speak cliché, but it’s true nonetheless. A firm could not survive under the operation of a single individual; it is built on the foundation of team work and collaboration. Every moving part is valuable and crucial to success. In order to help each other, as discussed in #5, we need to be knowledgeable about the roles of others, the order and processes within the organization and who is involved in what. Always communicate with your colleagues, in and out of your department. If you learn something new that can benefit others in the company, share it! And if you don’t know something, even if it may seem insignificant, ask! A little information can go a long way, and can be much more valuable to a person than you may realize.

Rene Dodd, Consultant at Tyler & Company’s Atlanta office. 

A: “Keep a positive attitude and team mentality.”

Positivity: The power of a positive mental attitude is one of the most powerful forces in the human brain. The way you think is the driving force that affects what you do, how you do it and what you accomplish. When you think positively, you can make anything happen. In short, “if you believe it, you will achieve it.” Additionally, positive energy creates a contagious aura that is picked up by those around you, creating a synergistic environment – which will greatly affect the workplace.

Team Mentality: Align your personal goals with those of the company, and the company goals with yours. Keep the team’s best interest in mind when you set your objectives and take action to achieve them. Working as a team has a powerful effect on productivity. Collaborating with colleagues to combine thoughts and skills create the most effective work in the most efficient way.