Executive Interview Tips: How to Ace your Skype Interview

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Executive Interview Tips: How to Ace your Skype Interview

Tyler & Company is a professional healthcare recruiting company. Our job is to find the right candidates that will help an organization succeed. However, it goes beyond matching candidates to the perfect job. Our associates are committed to helping you, throughout the entire process.  There are many different communication platforms in the workplace. It can be a challenge to keep up with all of the different systems. Some of these platforms can be used during the hiring process and it’s becoming more and more common to conduct online interviews.  Today we’re discussing Skype interviews and a few simple ways to prepare and succeed in an online interview. We sat down with Tyler and Company’s consultant, Rene Dodd, to learn more about online interviews.   

Q: Why would a company choose to use Skype over face to face or just a phone call?  

Dodd: Skype is a fantastic tool because of logistical reasons. It’s easier to schedule a Skype interview since it requires less of the candidate’s and the client’s time versus having someone fly to a destination. Small trips are about one to two-day commitments.  

Skype is also better than a phone call because it allows both parties to see the other person’s body language, which helps build relationships. It also allows both parties to catch any negative body language the other person may have. Video interviews are awesome because it allows you to learn a lot about someone’s personality.  

Q: What are some tips you can share for candidates preparing for a Skype interview? 


  • Establish if the candidate is familiar with Skype or other online video tools.  
    • If not familiar, a test should be done before the candidate’s interview whether the interview is with a Tyler & Company vice president or the client.  
  • Gather all the information you need for the meeting. 
    • If it’s a Skype interview, get the interviewer’s Skype ID. If it’s another platform have the link to join the video call.
    • Have the interviewer’s number as well in case something happens during the interview. This way you can quickly reach them.   
    • Have your resume or whatever documents the client has so you can reference back to it.   
  • Determine who will call who.  
  • Dress like you would attend a face to face interview.  
  • Study the interviewer’s biographies. Before the interview, you should receive a bio on each person that is interviewing you. This helps the candidate familiarize and learn more about the decision makers.  Be familiar with basic facts about the organization and department that can be found on the client’s website. 

Q: What about during the interview, how would you advise candidates? 

Dodd: Keep an eye on the camera itself, not the image on the screen. It’s important to give the illusion that you are making eye contact as if you were sitting across the table from them.  

  • If your eye tends to wonder to looking at movements on the screen, get familiar with the background first and then cover it up with paper or something to hide any distractions on the screen. 
  • You want to give the illusion that you are sitting, don’t worry about what they look like to you. 


Practice on the same device you will be using during the interview. You may practice on your work computer or cell phone, but make sure you practice on the device that will be used for this specific interview. 

Have a clean background. No shadows. If you did a practice run in the morning, make sure that you sit in the right spot for an afternoon interview and vice versa. The time of day is crucial. Lighting and the backdrop can affect your overall performance.  

Have your cell phone on vibrate and near you. If the organization has any technical issues, it will be easier for you to pick up the phone when they call you. Sometimes the client might have a problem on their end, communicate with them until everything is set up, or be prepared to do the interview over the phone as a backup. 

Lastly, have fun! Don’t sweat it. You have been preparing for a healthcare executive position for years. You’ll do great!

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