Intern Spotlight: Aly Taylor


“Decide what to be and go be it.”  The song by The Avett Brothers is our new intern’s life motto.

Aly Taylor joined the Tyler Team as the marketing intern at the end of May 2019. In the last few weeks, Taylor worked on several different projects. She created social content for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, scheduled social posts through Hootsuite, and worked on two research projects.

Her favorite project at Tyler & Company occurred on her first week.

“I really enjoyed the first interview I sat on, which was for the article 5 things in 48 hours. It was when I felt like I clicked with this internship. I connected this conversation with key points I learned from my management class. The language, the vocabulary – it all came back to me,” said Taylor.

In the last nine weeks, Taylor has learned so much through our marketing department. Her favorite part about her experience at Tyler & Company is the environment and culture.

“The campus is beautiful, and it is a great place to be in. Everyone on our team respects each other’s opinions. Not to mention Jackson Healthcare’s values are incredible,” said Taylor.

She attended Jackson Healthcare’s orientation and was amazed by how genuine everyone around her was.

“The CEO of Jackson Healthcare said something that really stood out to me during my orientation. He said, ‘At the end of the day if I have nothing at least I am working in an industry that is helping people’s lives. It’s super rewarding,’ I was really touched by his statement,” shared Taylor.

This summer, Taylor had the opportunity to learn more about the workplace and what a job in the marketing field looks like.

“I had no idea what to envision as a real job. There is a lot you can do in marketing and life. I am fortunate I had this opportunity. It’s been a great experience,” said Taylor.

As for the future, Taylor is still exploring her options.

“No idea where I want to end up – it changes a lot. When I was younger, I wanted to go to cosmetology school. It would be great to work under the marketing/communications department for a big cosmetology brand like Sephora or MAC,” shared Taylor.

Taylor has enjoyed her summer in the office. If she had to advice new interns, it would be to, “Listen at first and take it all in. Don’t make assumptions because you really don’t know what you are getting yourself into. Cognitively listen. Go in with an open mind and think about what it means to you. Don’t be insecure and do not downplay your contributions,” said Taylor

Taylor is a rising junior at the University of Kentucky pursuing a degree in communication, writing rhetoric and digital media. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi at UKY. When she is not working at Tyler & Company or as a server at a local restaurant in Roswell. This summer, Taylor also interned as the social media coordinator for Envelope Please. In her spare time, Taylor enjoys watching standup comedy, going to the pool, the lake, watching movies and watching the show FRIENDS.

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