Leaning on Interim Leaders in Times of Crisis

Leaning on Interim Leaders in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, executives must make quick assessments and rapid decisions. The protracted length of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis creates an additional challenge, with leaders and staff needing periods of rest to maintain their resiliency. Consider employing experienced interim leaders who can provide flexible relief coverage for hospital leaders who are out due to exposure or illness or in need of temporary respite.

Supplemental Support with Interim Leaders

Managing such a crisis requires extensive leadership support, likely beyond what the current management structure can provide. Vacant leadership roles can compromise care and place additional pressure on already overly stressed people and systems. Make filling mission critical positions a priority by determining your immediate and relief needs. Consider supplementing with interim leaders who possess the experience necessary to quickly assess your situation and continue to move the organization forward through the crisis. Interim Leaders are adept at hitting the ground running and provide a fresh perspective to strengthen the team—valuable qualities given the current challenges healthcare organizations are facing.

Whether at the helm of the healthcare crisis as a CNO or on the front lines leading the emergency department, interim leaders bring excellent experience, thoughtful leadership, and critical thinking to the table. Additionally, increasing the leader to staff ratio during COVID-19 can increase patient safety, maintain staff morale through these stressful times, and reduce staff burnout.

Providing Adaptive Healthcare Leadership

The Tyler & Company team understands the complex dilemma healthcare leaders are currently experiencing and we remain committed to providing the necessary support to meet these unique challenges. We pair industry expertise and a thorough understanding of culture and operational challenges to provide a customized panel of best-fit candidates to fill mission critical roles rapidly. Please contact us to learn more about our interim management services or if you have any questions about the placement process.

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