Millennial Spotlight: Christina Smith


Our last millennial intern spotlight is Christina Smith. As the summer concludes she leaves this piece of advice for our future interns, “Be motivated and focused on the tasks that are given to you and have a team mindset. It’s not just work that you’re doing, you’re helping other people too.”

Smith is our marketing and sales intern. Her responsibilities include gathering information about alumni clients, developing a plan to reconnect with those relationships and compiling data about them into one of Tyler & Company’s database systems.

Smith was interested in this opportunity because of her previous involvement in the business world. She worked at a company under their posting/marketing department. Her love for working with people, marketing and public relations, measuring results combined with her want to be part of a team, made this experience sound enticing.

“I have a heart for marketing and public relations. In another life, I would choose this path instead of early childhood education,” said Smith.

One of the reasons Smith enjoys her internship is because marketing allows her to dive into her creative side.

“I enjoy working on creative projects and being part of a team. I think creativity is so important and this opportunity allows me to learn about different technology programs, good visuals and how to format things correctly to complete projects,” she said.

While alumni projects have been her primary focus during the summer, Smith’s favorite project was organizing and working our inventory.  She got a chance to look through old marketing material and explore the company’s history.

“It was interesting to see Larry Tyler’s old articles. His vision was for the company to be team oriented, most of the pieces he wrote touched on character development and team building. It’s also encouraging to see how far the company has come.”

“All the projects I’ve worked on have been really up my ally. I’m a goal-oriented person. So, it’s nice to have tasks that I can set goals to and be able to reach it. I love seeing the results of my productivity.”

Through all our intern’s spotlight, we found a common theme. They love our company culture.

“What I like most about Tyler & Company/ Jackson Healthcare are the people.  It is fun being respected enough to get a task and be trusted by the team that I will complete it.”

Smith leaves us with three words that describe her internship, “Stimulating, welcoming, responsibility.”


Christina Smith is pursuing a bachelor’s in early childhood education at the University of Georgia. She is a resident assistant, a member of AOII, a discipler at Wesley and a student ambassador for the College of Education at UGA. Her dream job is to be a fifth-grade teacher where she would decorate her classroom under the theme “Knowledge is power,” by having influential leaders’ pictures and quotes around the classroom walls to inspire her students.

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