Millennial Spotlight: Emilee Larson


Tyler & Company interviewed its summer intern, Emilee Larson.

This week’s intern spotlight is Emilee Larson. She learned about this opportunity through a personal connection.

Larson is Tyler & Company’s data management intern.  She spends her days looking at and analyzing data. She has gained skills in studying lists and summaries, looking for patterns and analyzing results on different programs.

“I enjoy learning about the systems Tyler & Company uses. I work with SalesForce, Definitive and other database systems. It was easy to learn, and it is interesting to read through the data,” said Larson.

When asked what her favorite project was, Larson’s response focused on a task that was outside of her daily routine.

“My favorite project is sending out mass mail. It is fun because it allows me to step away from my everyday routine,” she said.

Networking and personal connections are essential to land an internship, but what attracted Larson to Tyler & Company was the culture.

“On my first day, the team took me to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, and I had a great time. I got to know them on a personal level, and it set the tone for the rest of my time at the company. Also, Tyler & Company is a good environment to be in. If I had to describe this internship experience in three words, I would use productive, fun and growth. I enjoy working with our team. You can tell that everyone here wants to see you succeed and are happy to help if you ever get stuck on something,” said Larson.

One of the benefits Larson obtained from this experience is learning what types of professions people hold and pursue with their degrees. She is getting her bachelor’s in chemistry, and her data management internship allows her to look through the resumes of candidates who have similar background education who are interested in leadership positions.

“Being able to see what can be done with my major is a huge plus for me. A lot of people who are CEOs or looking for other executive positions have a chemistry or biology degree. I like knowing that a leadership position could potentially be an option for me.”

Taking different opportunities will help Larson in the long run. Her business-oriented internship is allowing her to learn to grow professionally.

“I’m lucky to have this experience under my belt. It is a great first internship.”

If she had to advise new interns, it would be to, “Be open minded and be willing to do things that you haven’t done before. A lot of the team members will help you with it.”

Emilee Larson is pursuing a degree in chemistry at Georgia Southern University. She is the treasurer for GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) and a member of the Chemistry Club. Larson can’t wait for football season to attend games and listen to Georgia Southern’s marching band. She wishes to work in the chemistry field doing polyatomic or thermochemical.

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