Seven tips to succeed during a job transition

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Seven tips to succeed during a job transition

Tyler & Company specializes in recruiting top talent for healthcare, academic medicine and life sciences. As a company, we interact with our candidates during a phase of job transition. Candidates may be currently employed or looking for new opportunities. It can be an overwhelming process. Tyler & Company has seven tips for healthcare leaders during a job transition.

  1. Keep resumes up to date. Update your resume regularly. Add a new job, promotion, goals you helped the company achieve, highlight your strengths and how you went above and beyond your assigned duties. Always qualify your achievements. If you improve an area of your organization, note by a percentage or any quantity expression.
  2. Research. Identify organizations and employers you would like to work for by performing a target search. Send an updated resume and cover letter to that location and follow-up with a telephone call or email.
  3. Networking is crucial even when gainfully employed. If one enters a job market, he/she can act quickly by reaching out to his/her network connections. Be intentional when making new connections. Set a goal for yourself and have fun with it. Networking is a great way to meet people who are compatible and share similar plans and goals.
  4. It can take up to six months to secure your next opportunity. The key is to have patience and make sure your new position is stable and offers growth. Don’t settle, find the right company that will help you grow professionally and where you will impact their business development.
  5. Utilize LinkedIn through a variety of ways. LinkedIn is your one-stop social platform used for professional networking and sharing industry, personal growth-related articles. Network with retained executive search firms and with potential new employers. Also, use LinkedIn Group’s Job Discussion Boards for new opportunity announcements.
  6. Utilize the Open Positions posted on different organizations sites. Executive search firms like Tyler & Company and other organizations; American College of Health Executive (ACHE) and websites; HealthECareers, etc., post new positions frequently. Look through new openings in the areas where you would like to work.
  7. Professional association meetings. Attend as many professional meetings and events as possible and network, network, network.

Job transitions can be stressful. As you are going through this process, analyze what you would like the next chapter of your life to look like. Set some goals for the transition stage. Follow these simple steps for a path towards success.


Article Contributed by: Hallie Banker, Senior Consultant at Tyler & Company

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