Speeding Up The Process Without Sacrificing Quality In a Talent Search

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Speeding Up The Process Without Sacrificing Quality In a Talent Search

Our Vice President, Diane Nicholas shares her thoughts in our latest article.

When candidates are scarce, and you are competing for top talent with multiple entities, the need for speed becomes more important than ever. As talent acquisition and recruitment professionals, we can feel wedged between the relationships we have with our candidates and our hiring managers. So how do we identify quality candidates in a timely manner?

Be Prepared

Prior to the start of your search, make sure interviewers have allotted time for each candidate. The team members involved should reserve two or three time slots in their calendars for interviews. 

Interviewers should have a variety of sample questions prepared for candidates. It is in the hiring manager’s best interest to avoid repetition. Candidates appreciate question differentiation throughout the process.

Evaluate the interview process for each role

Are you screening candidates by phone and then video? Are you bringing candidates in two or three times for onsite interviews?  Your process can be condensed through a couple of steps. When considering the optimal interview process, utilize video interview for screening. Then, bring your two finalists for on-site interviews.

Provide Feedback in an easy way

Provide candidates with a one-page, electronic form dedicated to their comments and ratings. The goal is for them to give their feedback within a few minutes of the interview.

Work with a trusted recruiting partner

For higher-level positions, it is possible to find quality candidates through job postings and email campaigns. However, this process can be time-consuming.

Consider streamlining your search process and partnering with an executive search firm. Working with a retained search firm can alleviate some of the stress put on hiring managers. This option often results in finding the best suited candidate.

At Tyler & Company, our experienced team works endlessly to provide our clients with the most skilled and qualified candidates. 

Diane Nicholas serves as Vice President at Tyler & Company. Diane currently leads searches for mid-level to senior executives as well as interim placements for our Northeast and Midwest regions.

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