The Impact of the Candidate Experience

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The Impact of the Candidate Experience

Our Vice President, Diane Nicholas shares her thoughts in our latest article.

The impact of the candidate experience in the recruitment process can have profound effects on their desire to continue pursuing an opportunity. In a market where unemployment is low and demand for medical professionals is high, the candidate experience can mean the difference between hiring a Rockstar and an average candidate. Fortunately, this is an easy process to manage.


Analyze your communication with potential candidates. Make sure your recruiter has accurate and complete information about the role, the organization, and long-term strategies. Candidates who are on the fence will want to know more than the responsibilities and scope of the organization. Sharp candidates will want to understand the short-term expectations and long-term goals for the department and the organization. Give a clear picture of the current situation of your organization.


The overall process your organization uses is essential for a successful path to identify talent. If your interview process has more than one onsite visit, consider condensing your process by utilizing technology to the best of your organization’s abilities.

Remember the simple things about onsite visits:

  • Identify a contact person to meet and greet the candidate.
  • Give them a warm welcome.
  • Treat candidates and their families with respect.
  • Don’t leave them to wait or wander the halls of your organization.
  • Give candidates a break if they are at the interviews for an extended period of time.

For candidates who are considering relocating, designate time for them and their spouse to get to know the area. I have seen candidates take roles in challenging places over a prestigious organization because the candidate and the spouse were treated so well.

Help the candidate and their spouse fall in love with your region. Candidates who are looking for a new opportunity want to feel wanted and to make a significant impact in their new role. Help them see that opportunity during their visit. Roll out that red carpet and make them feel appreciated.

Salary Expectations

Know the candidate’s salary expectations before you make an offer. At Tyler & Company, we ask compensation questions in our first conversation with the candidate. If they fall outside of my client’s salary range, I will immediately check with my client about whether we should proceed. It is better not to waste anyone’s time. If you are considering a low offer that is well below the candidate’s salary expectations, I would recommend against it. In my 20 years of experience, I have never seen a candidate take the offer, and it almost always insults them. No one wants to make a lower salary, even if your cost of living is more economical.

Keep in mind that one negative candidate experience can have a larger impact than you think. Candidates will tell others about their negative experience. It could become a poison that affects a large portion of a tiny candidate pool and lead to difficulty recruiting for future leaders in your organization.

Diane Nicholas serves as a vice president at Tyler & Company. Diane currently leads searches for mid-level to senior executives as well as interim placements for our Northeast and Midwest regions.

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