The Laws of Attraction Part II

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The Laws of Attraction Part II
How to increase your ability to attract the right candidates to your organization

The job market continues to be competitive, especially in the healthcare field. Recruiting strategies must be perfected to pursue candidates that are on the fence. We have discussed a few ways companies can stand out by having a strong corporate culture, a quicker vetting process, a friendly welcome, relocation assistance and real diversity in leadership and workforce. This week we are focusing on three new ways that employers are attracting and retaining their top talent.

Charitable activities

Nowadays it’s essential for organizations to have a corporate social responsibility. Organizations have a better chance of attracting candidates when they have a ‘giving back’ program established. If you don’t have a charitable program at your organization, consider organizing food and clothing drives, or arranging a day of charity to benefit a nonprofit like Habitat for Humanity or the Ronald McDonald House.  These activities have the added benefit of being an opportunity for team building and strengthen the culture of your organization.

Training or education reimbursement

Offering six sigma training or reimbursement for continued education is an old concept. Many organizations have a type of policy around education reimbursement.  If you tie in a commitment to stay with the organization for a few years beyond the financial investment or risk having to pay the company back for the degree, you have someone who will remain committed to the company and provide you with benefits from their additional training.

Wellness Incentives

A wellness incentive program encourages your employees to take care of themselves which allows them to better perform at work and take care of others. Consider gym memberships discounts, on-site fitness classes, healthy snacks and lunch options. A healthier workforce creates an opportunity for employees to grow, take care of their bodies and build lasting relationships with coworkers. For your hospital to be successful at taking care of their patients, they need to take good care of their employees too.

I hope this has given you a few new ideas on how to attract top talent and keep them within your organization.  If your organization has a creative way of attracting new talent and retaining its top performers, I would love to hear about it. Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me at

Diane Nicholas serves as Vice President at Tyler & Company. Diane currently leads searches for mid-level to senior executives as well as interim placements for our Northeast and Midwest region.

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