Tyler & Company joins Jackson Healthcare’s Alpharetta Campus

Tyler & Company joins Jackson Healthcare’s Alpharetta Campus

Alpharetta, GA – On April 1, 2019, Tyler & Company relocated to Jackson Healthcare’s main campus, in Alpharetta, Georgia. Jackson Healthcare added two new buildings to their campus. A 267,000 square-foot office tower (Venice) and 39,000 square-foot associate amenities center (Colosseum.) Both buildings support the Italian architecture vision that the CEO, Rick Jackson, and President, Shane Jackson dreamed for Jackson Healthcare.

“Tyler & Company is excited to make the move to the Jackson Healthcare campus.  It is great to be connected with the other organizations and to feel the sense of community and culture that Jackson Healthcare strives for daily,” said Kristen Sumner, Senior Consultant and Director of Human Resources.

The Roman Colosseum inspired the amenities building and the facility name. It houses a fitness/wellness center and a restaurant. The gym is open seven days a week and includes access to an indoor pool, in-person and virtual fitness classes, two levels of cardio and strength equipment, spray-tanning studios, nail services and a hair salon.

The first floor is dedicated to the restaurant named Ciao Vita which offers a full-service, sit-down experience with healthy, locally-sourced, company-subsidized breakfast and lunch options every day, as well as coffee and smoothie bar.

The parking deck was designed to resemble the buildings that lines the Piazza del Campo in Siena.  The entire campus feels like an Italian dream.  Tyler & Company will reside in the existing Rome building, which will also undergo major renovations.

Not only has Jackson Healthcare designed an environment that promotes the wellness for their associates, by fall of 2019 they will offer an on-site childcare and development center called Allegro. Allegro will provide high-quality childcare and early childhood education for infant, toddler, preschool and pre-k aged children.  This new initiative will allow our associates peace of mind knowing that their little ones are close to them.

Lastly, Jackson Healthcare launched a new environment space called, LoveLifts Village for local non-profits to benefit from a flexible, affordable office space in a professional work setting.

Jackson’s culture is driven by three important values – others first, wisdom and growth. Tyler & Company is honored to be one of the many companies under Jackson Healthcare. Our associates represent our core values daily and it shows.

“Jackson Healthcare has provided its employees with such an amazing environment to work, learn and grow. I am thrilled to be a part of the campus and to experience, every day, the positivity and excitement that can be felt here.  I’m looking forward to the changes and collaboration that will benefit Tyler & Company.  I’m certain this will accelerate our success exponentially,” said Sharon Oliver, Operations Coordinator.

We can’t wait to see what our future holds at our new address! Learn more about Jackson Healthcare and our family companies.


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