Tyler Leadership Spotlight on Jennifer Becker

Tyler Leadership Spotlight on Jennifer Becker

Tyler Leadership Spotlight: Featuring the newest member of our team, Jennifer Becker, as she tells us about her career and what she does now.

Tyler & Company is proud to welcome Jennifer Becker to the team! She joins us from Jackson Executives, an interim healthcare executive search firm, where she served as Vice President. She joined the Tyler team in conjunction with the recent merge between Jackson Executives and Tyler & Company, which now offers search services for both interim and permanent healthcare leaders.


Jennifer serves as a Vice President at Tyler & Company, where she leads the interim executive and advisory services division, focusing on business development and consulting. She brings over 20 years of experience in building out markets for consulting and staffing firms to her role. Her expertise focuses on professional staffing, consulting and executive search, and serving the healthcare industry in addition to various other industry verticals. She has experience in both boutique and international multi-specialty service firms overseeing sales and strategy, operations, recruiting and fulfillment, financial consulting and customer satisfaction. She has worked nationally leading teams in the Southeast.

Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Ball State University and studied Organization Development and Executive Coaching through Queens College master’s program. She is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, Georgia Chapter. She actively helped to develop the chapter’s first executive mentorship program and serves as co-leader for the program. The GAHE Mentorship Program was designed to provide leadership development for members and to support the professional growth of existing and future healthcare leaders. The goal of the Mentorship Program is for participants to commit to the mentoring experience, providing all interested members with opportunities to learn, grow and make a lasting contribution to the healthcare field.

In our interview with Jennifer, we gained insight into the industry through her intel and expertise. Check out the interview below to learn what she loves about her career and how she got where she is today.

Interview with Jennifer:

Q: How did your career start and how did you end up in the interim executive placement business?

A: “I stumbled into the recruiting world like many did back in the 90s. I had a friend that was an accountant and she referred me to a recruiting firm to see if they could help me in a job search, even though I was more sales-focused. Long story short, they hired me and my career in staffing and consulting was born!”

Jennifer ultimately worked for a large, international staffing firm for several years and learned the basics of the industry. “I started on a temp desk, then moved into sales, executive search, branch management and ultimately market and regional leadership roles.” Jennifer had the opportunity to move into an executive consulting and interim leadership practice as a result of a re-organization with a prior firm.

Q: Why is interim executive placement a benefit for hospitals and health systems?

A: “When there is a vacancy in leadership, hospitals are often tempted to fill the gap by moving someone over internally. While this might be the right solution sometimes, it can also be a missed opportunity; and worst-case scenario, can make a delicate situation more complicated.”

Jennifer notes that interim executives can provide subject matter expertise that may not reside within the organization, in addition to providing much-needed bandwidth – many hospitals and health systems run very lean.

“Bringing on an interim from the outside also provides a fresh and objective perspective that allows for new ideas, improves processes and impacts culture – moving organizations away from the ‘This is how we’ve always done it’ mentality.”

Q: How have you seen the industry change?

A: “Technology of course is a constant driver of change in the healthcare industry, as well as the consulting and search industries. However, I would say the biggest change is the shift in demographics of our labor market.”

Jennifer states that the large number of baby boomers moving towards retirement has impacted the industry immensely. “This has created some interesting dynamics in the interim space, as well as an increased need for hospitals to dedicate more time and resources towards succession planning, which many are still not doing effectively.”

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: “Everything! Truly. It sounds cliché but there is something very fulfilling and rewarding when you’re able to develop strong relationships over time and really partner with both clients and candidates.”

Jennifer emphasizes that these relationships provide value and solutions that will ultimately allow them to improve the continuum of care and patient experience within their hospital organizations.