Interim Executive Leadership

Interim Executive Leadership


Interim search involves a short-term operational focus. Tyler & Company provides an immediate vacancy response coupled with a seamless transition. We immediately match you with an experienced interim executive who can ensure operational consistency. This seasoned leader can fast-track key projects, coach and advise in-house managers, and offer expertise in specialty areas such as debt restructuring or turnaround, if needed.

Why you need an
interim leader

  • Executive team formation or transition
  • Executive leadership integration
  • Healthcare compliance mandates
  • Succession planning
  • Board/CEO executive support

What Tyler & Company’s
Interim Leader does

  • Immediately delivers leadership stability
  • Maintains momentum with key initiatives
  • Provides outside leadership for turnaround, debt restructuring and other projects
  • Allows ‘breathing room’ until a permanent placement is identified
  • Coaches and assists the permanent executive with transition into the new role

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